Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rubberbandits finally take over the world...

...Or at least RTE anyway. Finally some deviant out at Donnybrook has given Rubberbandits some airtime so they can spread their brand of sickness to the nation. And I'm bladdy delighted!

According to Rubberbandits HQ:

"Starting NEXT WEEK you can catch us every Wednesday night on Republic Of Telly on RTE2 (after Champions League). We are going to wipe our arses with yere TV Licences. Chalk it fucking Down Kid." 

Sounds promising to me. I'm such a fan of these Limerick lovlies who are one half joke band, one half prank phonecall kings. They seem to be the new Warlord's of Pez, cept they're from stab city.

I got totally hooked on their prank calls last Christmas. They are seriously weird and 100% genius. Listen below.

So altogether now, 'A bag for me, a bag for you, Let's get wrecked on bagsa glue!!'

 'She took out a large balloon and burst it in my ear'. Bank prank call here:

Tour dates here. When are they gonna come to Belfast??

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