Monday, 25 October 2010

Die Antwoord...

Hi cats, Been mad busy this week doing articles on what you could deem 'scarily disparate' subjects from the world of music. One of these articles was on South African oddball rappers Die Antwoord. The other piece is an interview with band for a Belfast paper. I'm keeping it a surprise, but as soon as it's published I'll stick it up here. I think you'll be mucho surprised by it. 

I began reading about Die Antwoord last week, after watching the video for their new tune, "Evil Boy'. It was produced by Diplo and the beat is siiick. It's also really, really, fucking weird and contains waaaay too many penises. 

Anyway I went from thinking they were a complete joke, to being a bit more intrigued, to actually having their tunes lodged in my head, to actually craving their sound. This seems to happen a lot with Die Antwoord. They lodge themselves in your sub-concious without you knowing it. In the end I had so many random bits of information in my head I knew I had to write about them. 

Check out the article, with videos of Die Antwoord too here:

Belfast illustrator extraordinaire Stephen Maurice Graham @ did an illustration to go along with the piece. It's genius: 

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