Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nu stuff!

Hey cat's. I'm busy listening to loads of random world music for an article I'm working on for AU's website this evening. I won't tell you what it's about yet, we all like surprises right? But it's gonna be an insightful lil nugget with an ace illustration from Stephen Maurice Graham over @ that you can expect to read by the enda next week. Check out AU here:

In the meantime, here's wot I learnt bout music dis week:

There are some pristine sounds coming from electronica Godfather or 'art -pop production deity Brian Eno' as Pitchfork put it, Brian Eno.

Check out 'Horse' and '2 Forms of Anger' below from his recently released "Small Craft on a Milk Sea" album. Really dark, pulsating, electric stuff with sooooo much depth. The production is amazing. Yum!

Brian Eno - Horse (taken from Small Craft On A Milk Sea) by Warp Records

Brian Eno - 2 Forms Of Anger (taken from Small Craft On A Milk Sea) by Warp Records

If you're looking to delve into this genius' past check out Eno's 'Selected Ambient Works'. Stunning stuff.

The Go-Team will be releasing a new album on January 31st, whoop! 'Rolling Blackouts' will feature other 'super happy fun times bands' like Best Coast and Deerhoof.

Listen to the new track 'T.O.R.N.A.D.O' below. It's classic Go-Team stuff and I for one welcome them back with open arms!

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