Wednesday, 13 October 2010

La Chanteuse...

I've been on a bit of a Frenchy buzz this week, after watching Amelie on Saturday. How amazing is that film?

IRM was an album I'd been meaning to download for ages and I'm sooo glad I finally got round to it. I've really gotten into Serge Gainsbourg's music recently and saw the film 'Gainsbourg' a few months back (check it out). I knew I'd love this album, I mean how could the child of Serge and the epitome of 60's cool Jane Birkin produce anything else but a musical wunderchild?

I really can't recommend IRM enough. There are stunning orchestral string arrangements, real pop sensibilities brought out by Beck's genius production, raw moments of ethereal and subtle rock. But overall it's uber uber sexy.

The edgier songs like 'Trick Pony', 'IRM' and 'Greenwich Mean Time' strike me as something The Kills Alison Mosshart tries to pull off in vain, cept she's a bit of a try too hard. (I love The Kills but Mosshart's a bit of a tit).

There's just no competing with Gainsbourgs' Gallic charm.


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