Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oh So Sweet...

I'm really digging the new Gorgeous Colours stuff. It's far more fleshed out than any of their earlier stuff I'd heard. On first listen these songs will reel you into their gorgeous world instantly.

New single 'The Creatures Down Below' is one of the best tunes I've heard in a while. It's such a charming twinkling melody with a backdrop of brooding intensity that resembles Grizzly Bears finest spine tingling moments. The video is as pristine as the song and really channels the dark undercurrents. You'll want to listen over and over.

The Gorgeous Colours are growing into a band that we could all easily fall in love with.

Have a goo here: (make it full screen to get the full effect).

The Gorgeous Colours 'The Creatures Down Below' from TIDAL on Vimeo.

If you're in Dublin tonight (Wed the 14th) than go along to Whelan's to support the guys launch the new EP. Here's hoping this EP gets 'Tha Colours' the recognition they deserve!

Learn more about the band here:

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