Sunday, 14 November 2010


Hey guys, just back from a stonking weekend of fun down in Dublin. Saw M.I.A. in Tripod on Friday. Screw all the bad press, she rocked the place and had a pretty powerful presence. It was one of those messy, sweaty gigs where everyone was just there for a good time. I'm doing a review of the gig for AU, so I'll stick it up here. Caught The Rubberbandits on Saturday in The Twisted Pepper who were every bit as hilarious and weird as I had hoped. Unfortunately my camera died when I was about to take the first picture, FAIL!

Here's MIA shakin her stuff: 

Now onto that free music. It's from Nouveau Noise, two Dublin/Galway guys who produce quality ambient dreamy electronica, which is my favourite kind. You can get their 2 track EP Panaka for free at their bandcamp site here. How gorgeous is the artwork?

Let me know what you think of the tracks.  If you like them enough you can buy the album Paraphrase Accolade for E3 on Digital and E5 in CD Format here. I bought it after their stunning show at Crescent Arts Centre a few months back. It's top stuff. Gogeddit!

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