Sunday, 14 November 2010


I love art and music so I was pretty excited to hear about this project combining the two.

Electromagnetic Phenomenon- Portrait of a Broadcaster is a promising two part project by artist Garrett Phelan, involving one of Ireland's finest DJ's Donal Dineen . 

For all of last week Donal broadcast his Today FM show, The Small Hours from 12-2am live from the Context Art Gallery in Derry and members of the public came in to watch. You can listen back to Donal charming shows here . It's really, really beautiful stuff. 

The second part of the project is a video installation based on and documenting Dineen's broadcasts. This will be on view in the gallery from the 15th Nov- 30th November. 

The artist choose Donal Dineen because he regards him as:

"someone whose iconic voice represents integrity and seriousness to his core audience, many of whom have developed their musical knowledge with him over many years. The project exists as an analogy between Energy, Electricity, Voice, the Power of the Mind and Other Matter." 

"Whilst acknowledging the importance of the content of Donal Dineen’s radio programme, Phelan focuses this portrait on the resonance of the broadcaster’s voice, its mediation to the outside world via the microphone, the wires and the transmission of the FM signal into the ether." 

"The aesthetic of this work represents the unknown properties of the electromagnetic signal once it travels beyond human understanding and how it relates back to us throughout its infinite, sublime and mystical journey." 

Anyone who has listened to the show will know what Garrett means here. Dineen has such a soothing voice, with an almost hypnotic quality, who plays sublime heartfelt music that exists on a higher plane than your average hype laden radio shows. I for one am so glad independent shows like this still exist. 

Love the flyer and invites for the show too, as seen above. 

More info on the artist here: 

Here's an image courtesy of the artist, Garret Phelan's website: 
Photodrawing ‘ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENON - Portrait of a Broadcaster – Donal Dineen 2010.’, spirit marker on photograph, 20.3 x 15.2cm, 201

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