Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cap Pas Cap...

At home in my rents today gettin' the RTE into me. I'd forgotten how great Fair City is for the schneer. Damien had to go to the doc's after getting a horrific looking burn on his arm. 'I was ironing and the err sheets wrapped up around my arm and the iron burned me,' he told the doctor. His missus, Suzanne, was looking pretty evil, like she'd give him more of the same if he didn't shut up. What's going on with Fairly Shitty? It's all gone a bit Eastenders.

Anyways in music news...

One of my favourite Dublin band's of recent years, Cap Pas Cap, have just released the video for their new single Friends and it's classsss. It's from their debut album 'Haunted Light' to be released this Friday. Pre-order here: Whoop!

Cap Pas Cap have always stood out for me. They're a poppy good time band with a dark sleek edge. Their songs from 2006's Not Not is Fine EP still stand up for me.

The guys are just fresh from a slot at, what I think is Belfast's best new music club night, Animal Disco, last Friday night. I was dying to go but was otherwise occupied bustin' out some funk and soul tunes down at Belfast Funk & Soul.

Have a look here at the Friends vidyo here:

Here's an oldie but a goodie. 2006's 'Said Say It' directed by my old lecturer and Doyles Dublin Dj supremo, Nicky Coughlan. Amazin!

Here's another one for good measure. It can't hurt can it? 2008's 'We Are Men'. Get 'em intaya!

EP launch is @ the Workman's Club, Dublin on Nov 13th.

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