Thursday, 9 September 2010

Yummmay Four Tet Mix

I'm a mad woman for all things Four Tet. Seriously, I'd listen to anything Kieran Hebden releases and have spent years tracking down all his juicy side projects. His music is so innovative, he leads where others follow. Here's a gorgeous hour long mix he's done to celebrate his new residency at Plastic People in London. He's going to be playing 5-6 hour long sets. Heaven!

The mix is great, if you're doing something just stick it on in the background and enjoy :)

Return to Plastic People (September 2010) AKA FACT mix 182 by Four Tet

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Rocketnumbernine – Matthew and Toby (Four Tet remix) [Text Records]
2. Pheeroan Ak Laff – 3 in 1 [Passin' Thru]
3. Soul Capsule – Seekers (Ricardo Villalobos remix) [Trelik]
4. Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand [Hot Flush]
5. Grevious Angel – Move Down Low VIP [Soul Jazz]
6. Ro 70 meets Move D – Untitled [Source Records]
7. Floating Points – J+W beat [Planet Mu]
8. Ramadanman – Glut [Hemlock]
9. JD Robb – Canon in Percussive Sound [Folkways]
10. Index – Starlight (break) [Record Shack Records]
11. Four Tet – Nothing to see [Soul Jazz]
12. Falty DL – St Marks (Cosmin TRG remix) [Rush Hour]
13. Luke Abbott – Holkham Drones [Border Community]
14. Oni Ayhun – OAR004A [Oni Ayhun Records]
15. Bob Holroyd – African drug (Four Tet remix) [Phonica]
16. Lata Mangeshkar – Too Mere Saath Rahega Munne [EMI]

You can download it for yourself here:

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