Wednesday, 8 September 2010

What I've been listening to...

Hi there! I haven't updated in a while. I haven't been chilling my cats though I've been busy reviewing for Yelp, partying quite a lot, working on features, passing my exam and my journo course (whoooop) and hatching elaborate plans to land a shiny job in London town in the new year. Oh and I've also killed two mice. It had to be done and I don't feel guilty, at all.

I have discovered some bloomin' great new albums recently though and wanted to share 'em with you incase you haven't heard any of them yet.

First up is the new Best Coast album 'Crazy for You'. They are an indie pop trio from LA and they make hazy lo-fi pop which is best washed down with sunshine and beers. What's great about them is that they have this fantastic hazy lite-grunge sound that just kinda washes over you. Whilst they won't win any awards for song-writing, the music more than makes up for the lyrics lameness. Beautiful sun-drenched stuff straight from Cali.

Myspace here:

This is my fave song off the album:

My second album, is very much another album Du Jour, Wavves 'King of the Beach' comes from another Cali band. It's their third album and is a bit more noisy than the Best Coast album, a bit more pop punk (in a good way, not in a Sum 41 kinda way!). It's also a real summer chill out album and it's noisier moments reminds me of No Ages 'Nouns' two years ago. 'King of the Beach' won't be in your top ten albums in a few years, it won't radically change your life, just treat it for what it is, a bit of feel good throwaway pop. It's got a bit of a headbangey slacker grungy feel to it, which really seems to be coming back into fashion now-who woulda ever thunk it?

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Hmm best song off the album- ..................this one!

Today I also discovered another juicy new album, which ticked all the right boxes for me.
It's a dude called 'Gold Panda' and his beautiful delicate and glitchy electronica album 'Lucky Shiner'. I've been listening to it all day and really love it. So lussssh.

He was one of BBC's sounds of 2010, they said this about him: "Gold Panda is a left-field producer who makes instrumental soundtracks to half-remembered, dreamy summer days. He scours charity shops for old records and VHS tapes to turn into distorted samples, and wraps them in minimal warm beats." Pretty spot on. 'Gold Bear' is also obsessed with Japan and Japanese culture and sold his entire record collection to pay to move there and study. Jaysus!
What would happen if Gold Panda and Panda Bear were to have a lovechild?? A Golden Bear perhaps?!

Learn more about him here:

Anyway enuf yakkin', the whole album is here and it's beautiful, listen:









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