Monday, 16 August 2010


Jamie Lidell is a bit of a genius. I was checking out the video for his new tune 'Telephone' t'uder night and ended up absorbing a lot of information about him in a short space of time, so I thought I'd do a bit of a digital puke here, if you will.  

If it's all too much for you, I recommend you intake all these digital dee-lites in small doses as they are all top quality and very fun indeed.

I was totally in love with the album Jim, no matter how much I listen to it, it's soulfullness and hooks just keep me coming back for more. With the new record, Lidell has gone deeper into the soul era. He's even gone and recruited ex- Jackson 5 drummer James Gadson to drum on 'Compass' to give it that authenthic sound.

He recently gave an amazingly succint and revealing interview to Pitchfork media- which you can check out here. He's such a weird and intruiging character.

In this interview he reveals his love for Micheal Jackson, Beck and Feist's involvement with the new record and how he was credited as 'energy arranger' on Feist's album! It really is an insightful read and reveals a lot about where 'Compass' came from.

On my internetty travels, I also came across this amazing little short film by La Blogotheque. The guys at Blogotheque basically film loads of cool bands each week doing a live session. Here's the Lidell one:

The session is so raw, soulfull and joyous. A captivating little watch.

Check out the uber sexy new single 'Telephone' from the excellent album 'Compass'.

And here's one more for the road: it's Lidell on Sky Arts music show 'From The Basement', doing a live version of 'The City'. It's a really intense video which just builds and builds as Jamie loops his voice and beatboxing to reveal a complicated stunner of a tune and leaves you sure of the man's genius. I just cannae get enough of him!


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