Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Look at me, look at me, it's Lykee Li...

Here's a round up of some great new singles. 

First up it's Frenchy electro pop erm, lady Yelle with her funktastic new single 'Safari Disco Club'. Album of the same name is due out on March 21st. 

Second is the stonking new single Lykee Li 'Get Some'. Read an interview with her recently and was pretty impressed at her ballsiness. Here's an equally ballsy song... 

 The Beck remix is soooooo good, as you would expect from his Beckliness. I think I even prefer this to the original... 

Her new album 'Wounded Rhymes' is out in the UK and Ireland on Feb 28th. 

Here's PJ Harvey's new single 'Let England Shake' again incase you missed it on the last post. Check her out bringing back the autoharp! 

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