Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Listen Up!

Bon Voyage Aileen! 

Hi there! Haven't been here in Bloggerland in a while as I've been working quite a bit lately, splitting myself between two really fun jobs in moderhn Art and Fashion. Shur I can't complain.

Oh and there was about a month long month of going away parties for my bessie mate, Aileen (pictured above as David Bowie!) who's away off to Toronto for year to become a hipster and join a travelling folk/death metal band or start writing that psycho horror novel that will get banned in 45 countries we all know is in her. You just never know with Aileen. I'll miss her crazy ways!

Anyways check out this awesome (that's awful American isn't it, what's the Irish equivalent? Feckin Brilliant? Bleedin' Deadly. Fucken class boy) January playlist by Dazed and Confused mag. With the exception of about two tunes it's quality...

The PJ Harvey single 'Let England Shake' (from the soon to be released-Feb 14th- album of the same name) is absolutely gorgeous. Her voice sounds so different. Can't wait for the album. Oh and the Sroeng Santi (whoever he is) track is deliciously eclectic and features a ridiculously riff-tastic sample from Black Sabbath. 

Get listening here: 

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